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HemePath Hub: Alumni Testimonials

Hi. My name is Mannat Rakkar and I'm an intern at CorePath. I'm originally from Phoenix, Arizona. I just graduated from Wake Forest University and I'm currently applying to medical school over the next year. I've had such an amazing experience, at CorePath to seeing that behind the scenes contribution to health care that the public eye doesn't get to see.

Seeing all of the diagnostics and the different advances in modern medicine in testing has been really, really special for future interns. Definitely come with an open mind, ask as many questions as you need. Everyone is so kind and such good mentors and teachers. They will help you with whatever you need and be receptive and be open and get here and be ready to learn.

Hi. My name is Madiha Makhdumi. I'm originally from Karachi, Pakistan, having graduated from Delhi, University of Health Sciences. And I have my masters in public health from University of Arizona. I am an aspiring future pathologist, and for that purpose I came to CorePath Labs to explore the clinical side of pathology. And I think it was one of the best decisions of my life because I got to see so much over here from FISH to molecular genetics, cyto and histology.

And my interaction with the pathologists has been wonderful here. Everybody is so warm and friendly. And one thing I noted about CorePath is that everybody takes a genuine interest in you and wants to educate you and shape you to the best of their abilities. I think CorePath is a wonderful place where you can explore your identity if you aspire to be a future pathologist.

They are genuinely helpful. People here... They have an open door policy. They are such warm, friendly people with a great learning atmosphere. And my suggestion to the future interns who plan to come here for their internship is that, you know, come here with an open mind, with a receptive mindset, and be as interactive as you can be. So that you can gain maximum benefit from your time spent over here, because it is a truly wonderful place to learn.

Thank you.