Molecular Genetics

Molecular genetics is a state of the art technology used to identify and improve the accuracy of diagnosis in patients with genetic and neoplastic conditions. Molecular diagnostics focus on gene and protein activity patterns within a cell. Retrieving these molecular signatures can help clinicians in selecting targeted therapies for individual patients. We offer comprehensive services ranging from single gene testing to combination test panels.

  • Quantitative BCR-ABL p210/p190
  • ABL1 Kinase Domain Mutation
  • CALR Mutation Analysis
  • CALR
  • MPL Mutation Analysis
  • MPL
  • JAK2 Exon 12-13
  • JAK2 Exon 12
  • JAK2 Exon 12 Mutation Analysis
  • JAK2 V617F Mutation Analysis
  • CEBPA Mutation Analysis
  • MLL-PTD Mutation Analysis
  • MPN Molecular Panel (JAK2 V617F)
  • T-Cell Clonality Assessment
  • B-Cell Clonality Assessment
  • IgVH Hypermutation Analysis
  • FLT3/NPM1 Mutation Analysis
  • FLT3 Mutation Analysis
  • NPM1 Mutation Analysis
  • cKIT (D816V) Mutation Analysis
  • PML/RARA Quantitative
  • Myeloid Molecular Panel
  • AML Molecular Panel
  • Lymphoid Molecular Panel
  • MPN Molecular Panel
  • MDS Molecular Panel
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